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Our Membership Dividend

The core purpose of Coop Schools is to secure the success and future of the cooperative education sector in England and Wales. We work with Cooperative Trusts, cooperative schools, and cooperative people to drive improvement through our shared values and principles.

Coop Schools is the only membership organisation for Cooperative Schools and Trusts in the United Kingdom, and emerged with the first Cooperative Foundation Trust schools. 

We drive our core purpose, to secure the success and future of cooperative education, through the following offer to members:


  1. Cooperative Strength
    We will secure cooperative school effectiveness by building meaningful networks for cooperation and collaboration between member schools.

  2. Cooperative Support
    We will support schools and Trusts in their drive for improvement, focusing on cooperative school improvement, exemplary governance, ethical leadership, cooperative principles in action.

  3. Cooperative Voices
    We will represent members’ voices on the national stage, promoting cooperative models of education with like minded partners, key organisations, and government departments.

Annual membership subscriptions  are very reasonably priced and can be paid by individual schools or centrally by the Trust. Rates  are equitably based on number of pupils on roll, or the size of a Trust. The smallest schools will pay no more than £200 for annual subscriptions; the largest no more than £500. Whole Trust membership subscriptions are based on Trust size and equate to a minimum of £200 per school and a maximum of £450 per school. 


However, the real contribution of membership comes from full participation in the network of cooperative schools, from sharing the great work you do in your schools and communities, to partnering with others in your region through our regional events, to making sure your voice is heard and represented on our National Board.

Our members are Coop Schools.

Payment Options
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