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Pupils from within Coop Schools

Welcome to Coop Schools


Since 2009 schools in England and Wales using cooperative education models have benefited from the work of Coop Schools (previously in the guise of the Schools Cooperative Society and the Cooperative Schools Network). Coop Schools provides services and support for the network of cooperative schools, strengthening school improvement and local accountability.


Coop Schools has one ambition - to support and enable schools that live the cooperative values to partner with other likeminded schools so that ethically driven school improvement happens.

We work with all cooperative schools, both Foundation Trust Schools and Cooperative Academies, or interested onlookers considering cooperation, or those who feel marginalised or outside of a club.

There is no typical partnership group size. Our members may be one school, a small group of two or three, right up to clusters of 20 or more.

There is no optimal partnership improvement model. Within an understanding of what it means to act cooperatively, we work with groups of schools to help them find the model that best suits them, and make their voices heard.


We are strong

The ethical role of schools in their communities has never been clearer. We know cooperative schools exemplify brilliant ethical practices, including equitable democratic involvement. This is our strength, and because of it, we have the capacity to grow in school number and national profile.


We are supportive

Working together, our schools can share their best work and drive improvement through cooperation between cooperatives.


We are many voices

All our members matter. All our members need to be heard. We share our values and principles and represent all the regions of England and Wales, and many of its communities.

Coop School - Students

"Now we’ve redeveloped the school environment and our provision, we have started to bring our Cooperative Trust back to life. "

Ben Stephenson

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Coop Schools registered office

Kelvin Hall School, Bricknell Avenue, Hull, England HU5 4QH


Telephone: 01482 347264

National Director: Lee Phillips

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